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19 Jul Sunset at the Teufelsberg

Yesterday we went for a little excursion to the abandoned radio station at the Teufelsberg. Its located about 9 kilometers från the city centre and is easily accessible by bike. From there you can enjoy a fantastic view over Berlin with the old radio tower...

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12 Jul Unpackaged

Today my story on unpackaged grocery stores was published in the online edition of Swedish environmental magazine Syre ("Oxygen). Interesting concept, but one of the conclusions is that the concept is still far from actually reducing the environmental impact of our food. Curious why? Read...

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12 Jul Thunderstorm at the Bundestag

Thursday evening I went for a photo shot at the German parliament with an idea to capture the Bundestag at night. What I didn't prepare for was waiting in the rain for about 3 hours before I could actually mount my camera on the tripod...

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