People power in civil war

A dataset on nonviolent civilian action in rebel-held Côte d'Ivoire
Project description

What explains the occurrence of civilian protests in rebel-held areas? Existing research demonstrates that civilians can use a range of nonviolent strategies to influence the dynamics of civil war. However, due to the lack of systematic and fine-grained data, our knowledge of patterns of civilian protests in civil war is still quite limited. This project aims to construct a novel geo-referenced dataset on nonviolent civilian action in rebel-held Côte d’Ivoire in 2002–2009 through a review of newspaper articles collected in Ivorian archives. The dataset provides information on more than 200 events of five different types of nonviolent civilian action: demonstrations, strikes, meetings, dialogues, and formal communications targeted at the government, Forces Nouvelles (FN), French intervention forces, and UNOCI peacekeeping mission. The data will be used to shed new light on the role of nonviolent civilian action in violent contexts, and contribute to the literature on civil resistance in civil war.

Preview of the dataset (still under construction)