16 Aug Holiday in Königstein

This week me and Karin went for a little holiday to a national park called Sächsische Schweiz in Eastern Germany, close to the Czech border. Of course I took the time to take a few pictures. The first one depicts the view over the Elbe...

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19 Jul Sunset at the Teufelsberg

Yesterday we went for a little excursion to the abandoned radio station at the Teufelsberg. Its located about 9 kilometers från the city centre and is easily accessible by bike. From there you can enjoy a fantastic view over Berlin with the old radio tower...

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12 Jul Thunderstorm at the Bundestag

Thursday evening I went for a photo shot at the German parliament with an idea to capture the Bundestag at night. What I didn't prepare for was waiting in the rain for about 3 hours before I could actually mount my camera on the tripod...

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